The truth is that horse racing is a very popular sport which is associated with large sums of money. It is not uncommon for rumors to start and for people to start saying all sorts of false things about this sport. It is no trade secret that there have been reports out which have hinted at the fact that horse racing could be dying. This is the furthest thing from the truth ever as horse racing is more alive than ever before.

When there is so much money involved and so much fun to be had, horse racing will always be alive and literally kicking. Jockeys, trainers, breeders, book makers and now even virtual reality specialists and gaming developers all have invested considerable amounts of time, energy and money into the sport of horse racing. There is more interest than ever before and virtual horse racing is also becoming increasingly popular. As you can imagine, virtual horse racing involves many people and vast sums of money. It is increasing and growing in popularity.

Regardless of virtual horse racing and all the online betting options which exist, the truth is that nothing beats an old fashioned day getting dressed up with friends and family and going to the track. The thrill and excitement of the sound of the horses and a big race on race day is a feeling that can’t be replicated by anything else. While virtual horse racing is very popular it is important to know that traditional horse racing is very much here to stay.

The industry of horse racing and the sport itself involve too many people for it ever to decrease in size. In fact if you wanted to a put a bet on it, you are guaranteed to end up winning money in favour of horse racing being more popular than ever before.