The UK is home to some of the best horse races and horse racing events in the world. If you enjoy horse racing, gambling on horses or even just a day at the races, then you are in luck if you are in the UK. Some of the biggest horse races and events include the Grand National, the Ascot Gold Cup, The Guineas, The Derby and much more. You need to remember that there are different types of horse racing in the country. You can expect flat races with fantastic race tracks, in addition to National Hunt races and much more.

The atmosphere in the country to people who love horses and horse racing is really sensational and you will have the opportunity of being welcomed into a whole new world. If you have already grown up in this world you will know how unique and exciting it can be. Regardless of if you are a jockey, trainer, horse owner or even just an average Joe who loves betting at the races, everyone is welcomed and encouraged.

In fact people in the country will be able to tell you that some of the biggest races are won by friends. Once you make friends in the horse racing world, you will have made friends for life and these friends can be a great source of help and assistance when you are choosing your bets for the big races.

Even though there are different types of bets on offer, when it comes to the big races this is where the real money is at. Even people who do not understand horse racing at all quickly try to get up to speed before the big races in order to get their hands on a share of the profits. There is huge amounts of money to be made and book makers are at their busiest just before the big races in the country.